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Project Management Services

With over 30 years of Industrial Engineering, Construction management and Architectural experience.  We have experience in many states such as Washington State, Nevada and California. From working with companies such as Amazon, CompuCom and numerous other fortune 500 companies. Seattle Design and Consulting can provide the client's Project Management needs.

Architectural Design

Here at Seattle Design and Consulting LLC we pride ourselves in a diverse outlook of form and function designed for the client's needs and budget. We have worked on huge projects such as NY-NY casino in Las Vegas on the large scale. To the smaller garage, remodel and addition projects in the Residential arena of Architecture. Our Design approach is to first do a complete feasibility study. Then a proposal presentation for the approved project. Making the building officials a part of the Design Team in the first phase assures smooth project schedule by good communication with the Authorities to be, keeping you the client happy. We are also poised to work with other design professional's in a team environment. This is especially usefull on very complicated or large projects. Let Seattle Design and Consulting LLC form and mange your Design Team and it's needs.

Design Process Consulting

Consolidate and standardize Design process operations for engineering and Manufacturing layouts. We can Initiate, administer and manage all CAD standards and Design policies for your commpany. Consulting for the Identification of Engineering and Design Enterprise document control software is also a forte of Seattle Design and Consulting LLC.

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